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Our Story: As plant based vegans, my husband and I would often struggle to find places that sell vegan friendly desserts, particularly in Essex where we live. We would be left with no choice but to cook and bake our own desserts. This led my husband to creating a video blog about his food journey and how to ‘veganise' different desserts. By doing this he discovered that there were so many other vegans out there, also struggling to find a good dessert shop and they often would ask my husband for his recipes for them to try! So we decided to make a change and Dominee's Doughnuts was born. We make and sell homemade baked (not fried) vegan doughnuts. There are many vegan cupcake shops but doughnuts have become the new trend. 


Anastasia Lawrence

I am the Accounts Manager and Assistant Baker. I enjoy looking after the financial side of things and helping out with the baking (especially when tasting the doughnuts). Outside of Dominee's Doughnuts, I work as an Orthoptist (you may need to google what that is) and I enjoy playing the piano.


Favourite Doughnut: Bakewell 



I am the Social Media Manager, Website Manager and also the Chief Baker! You could say I am the creative brains at Dominee's Doughnuts. Outside of Dominee's I enjoy playing football (when fit) and trying out different vegan recipes.

Favourite Doughnut: White Chocolate and Cardamom

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